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Hand Plus CTO Presents at ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific Summit 2023

Reeve Chong, Hand Plus' CTO and Malaysia Managing Director, presented at the recently concluded ROS-I Consortium Summit the robotics packing solution we have built and deployed for the National Day Parade 2022. The robiotic packing machine showcases what ROS can deliver despite being open-source. This article details the highlights of the summit.

With Reeve Chong's technical leadership, the team built a reliable and scalable robotic packing solution, a variant of our Pack+ solutions, that can be used in other events, such as packing runners' bags for marathons, giving away concert tickets, and packing care kits for humanitarian events.

Reeve Chong presenting at the ROS-I Asia Pacific Summit 2023. Photo taken from ROSINDUSTRIAL.ORG site.


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