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Our Story

Robots everywhere.

We want to see more robots do dull, dirty, dangerous jobs so that we, humans, can focus on what matters most like building relationships, communicating, and making things. And while robot hardware such as arms, grippers, and cameras have become relatively cheaper and commoditized, putting these components together to build robot solutions is still challenging.

Software is the key.

Our experience, honed from years of R&D, winning competitions, and deploying robots at client sites,  taught us that software is the linchpin of any automation solution. With the right software, we can assemble any hardware faster, resulting in up to 40% cheaper robotic solutions. 1+OS is the magic sauce of our robots.

Our robots are good at unstructured picking.

Unstructured picking is similar to how humans pick -- no guides nor jigs; relies on vision to identify and locate items; and adjusts to different picking conditions such as item types, weight, shape, packaging, and environment. Powered by 1+OS, our robots are ideal for unstructured picking in warehouses and factories, such as piece picking, multi-SKU picking, sorting, packing, kitting, machine tending, material transfer, and even quality inspection.


Our Mission

Our mission is to lower the cost and simplify robot deployment so we could them everywhere!

Meet The Team


CEO / Co-Founder


Strategic Adviser / Co-Founder


Adviser (Business Devt & Sales)


CTO / Co-Founder




COO / Co-Founder


Adviser (Business Strategy & Marketing)

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping manpower-intensive businesses to become more sustainable through our software-powered flexible robot systems 


We deliver solutions that uses state of the art technologies. We bring in fresh ideas where needed.


We build robot solutions that work round-the-clock. We provide support if and when needed.


We ensure that our solutions are easy to use and maintain and cost-effective.


We build robots that can be repurposed. We can reuse old robots.


We will build the technology if is not available yet. We have years of R&D in robotics to leverage.

Partners & Clients

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