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Senior Robotics Perception Engineer

Hand Plus Robotics is seeking senior robotics perception engineers to develop 3D vision system for robotics picking solution.

Roles and Responsibilities:


As a Robotics Perception Engineer, you will be part of the Hand Plus R&D team, focusing on the algorithmic design, development, and deployment of computer vision application for high-speed recognition and 3D vision system for factor automation, logistics solutions, hospitality and healthcare industries.

  • Solve cutting-edge scientific and technical challenges related to recognition and pose estimation of a very wide variety of objects in challenging scenarios

  • Analyse and evaluate state-of-the-art algorithms related to detection and pose estimation, from academic and industrial research, and implement and enhance them in a production environment

  • Develop and deploy AI- and Machine Learning-based algorithms for vision, grasping and/or motion control

  • Design, develop and evaluate the performance of highly scalable and accurate real-time computer vision applications, in Python and C/C++

  • Perform the detailed test, carry out performance analysis on algorithms, and use continuous integration tools to finely enhance the rapidly deployed algorithms

  • Work with computer vision experts to develop optimal object detection and pose estimation algorithms under different sensor modalities

  • Develop and improve algorithms for detecting calibration patterns

  • Develop camera calibration algorithms including intrinsic parameter estimation, stereo transform estimation, and robot hand-eye calibration

  • Work with motion planning engineers to develop optimal pose generation algorithms for hand-eye calibration

  • Integrate new sensors, which may have nonstandard camera models, into the existing calibration framework

  • Implement new vision algorithms into Hand Plus GUI

  • Implementing algorithms and creating wrapper software for ROS.

  • Product software integration, debugging, configuring and testing.

  • Documenting technical reports, program codes and product manuals

  • Providing guidance to junior team member

Job Requirements:



  • Graduated Computer Science or relevant faculty in BS, MSc or PhD

  • 5+ years working experience in computer vision related topics

  • Proficiency in programming in C, C++, Python, JS, and experience with Linux

  • Knowledge and experience on image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition algorithms is a must

  • 3D pose estimation of textured and textureless objects in cluttered scenes, with proven experience

  • Experience with OpenCV PointCloud Library (PCL)

  • Knowledge and experience in ROS

  • Technical communication skills in English (reading and writing)



  • Familiarity with machine learning and AI is a huge plus.

  • Experience with a vast set of computer vision libraries

  • Mathematical background

  • Good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and possession of entrepreneurial attitude

  • Extras: object tracking, SLAM, computer graphics, augmented reality, machine learning, exposure to projects in robotics

Work Location:



Starting date:

Immediate, Full-time 

Application Procedure:

  • Click the "APPLY" button on the left to apply -- it will redirect you to our Indeed Jobs company page

  • An interview will be conducted for each profile fitting the requirement. We encourage applicants from other allied discipline to apply.

  • We welcome student who wants to have a unique internship experience in a robotics company. 

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