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Robotics Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • As a part of the Robotics System Team, you will be focusing on algorithmic design, development, and deployment of robotics technologies.

  • Solve cutting-edge scientific and technical challenges in motion planning, control, and system design of industrial robot picking solutions

  • Design, develop, and test 1) motion planning and control algorithms for industrial robots to execute various tasks such as picking and material handling; 2) highly concurrent software systems; 3) real-time communication modules with robot controllers and peripheral devices in C/C++ and Python.

  • Developing strategic and robust software system architecture.

  • Integration of low-level robot software modules including embedded systems, sensors, motors, and controllers

  • Design and implement high level cross platform system communications.

  • Implementing algorithms and creating wrapper software for ROS.

  • Product software integration, debugging, configuring and testing.

  • Documenting technical reports, program codes and product manuals

  • Provide onsite client support

Job Requirements:



  • Academic background in Robotics, Computer Science or related fields

  • 2+ years of academic or work experience in robotics or software engineering

  • Proficiency in programming in C, C++, Python

  • Experience with Linux

  • Knowledge and experience in ROS

  • Experience using linear algebra and 3D geometry to solve engineering problems

  • Highly enthusiastic about robotics

  • Proficiency in electrical, mechanical, and pneumatics fundamentals

  • Soft Skills:

    • Possesses good work ethics and attitude

    • Has good communication skills and a team player

    • Biased to action and has entrepreneurial attitude

    • Demonstrates ability and willingness to learn and improve



  • Experience with developing concurrent and hierarchical robotic software systems such as ROS

  • Experience with software development in medium to large scale team

  • Experience with multi-joint robot hardware

  • Advanced Linux user

  • Mathematical background such as multi-body dynamics, collision checking, search algorithms and optimization

  • Working knowledge of CAD (Solidworks, CATIA, etc)

  • Familiarity with machine learning and AI is a plus.

Application Procedure:

  • Send in your applications by any of the following:

  • We welcome student who wants to have a unique internship experience in a robotics company.

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